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We have weekly slots available. Check the schedule and make a note of the set(s) you'd like, then all you have to do is contact us. We will give you all the information you need to get on air!
If you have
  • An internet connection
  • Decks & Mixer
  • Webcam (Optional)
Get in touch to get a weekly slot

Welcome to Haze FM. Home to some fresh talent from around the UK. Playing the finest in drum & bass!

We are on Livestream, TuneIn Radio, Hazefmuk.com and coming soon is a very own dedicated App! Availabale initally on the iTunes store. Currently, the best way to listen on a mobile device is to click on your media player icon at the top of the screen. Haze FM is free to listen to online and mobile.
When the unexpected happens...You just never think it'll happen to you.
Haze FM was put together by Monster Dub and his late friend Richard Pinfold. Richard liked to hear Monster mix and was technically minded. He was the don when it came to setting it all up for the first time. What happened next was unbearable. Monster and Rich had just finished the final touches to a freshly built studio in Higham Ferrers and had got the settings perfect for live audio stream, recorded video and audio and webcam streaming too. They were testing the playback on a video of themselves waving and fiddling with buttons when Richard fell to the floor. He did not get back up. Despite Monster Dub doing all he could in the four minutes it took paramedics to arrive, it was too late. Richard passed away on Monster's birthday in the Original Haze studio in 2012 just moments before they were due to launch live on air.
Now just three years later Richard still remains without a headstone. Monster wants to make sure he is not just another forgotten soul, and is arranging fundraisers over the next few months to raise the money for Richard's headstone.
The majority of the fundraisers will be held in one of Richard's favourite social clubs, and they have kindly offered to supply the room at no charge. As the owner of the Heavy Duty rig and friends with some brilliant DJs and MCs, Monster feels it his down to him to make it happen.
As and when events are organised they will be advertised here and on our Facebook Page. If you would like to make a donation towards Richard Headstone please use the Donate button. Thank you for reading and any donations made.

Want to get a set on Haze?

For audio hire please contact the Haze FM UK or Heavy Duty Audio Admins via the contact form available from the navigation at the top of this page.

Dedicated dnb radio!
drum and bass radio online and mobile

Richard Pinfold

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Haze FM UK is a web radio station dedicated to playing drum and bass. Occasionally there will be opportunity for artists playing other genres - if the audience is right.
Events are the other side to Haze FM. Bringing a nice crisp, crystal clear sound to any event! Powered by the ever growing
Heavy Duty Audio, in association with The Loud Shop Ltd.

Each August the Haze famo get HDA packed up and head to Somerset to supply audio equipment to a not for profit music and arts festival. You can find out more about the festival by clicking the Sat In A Field at the top of the page.

Haze was briefly available in East Northants on the FM dial in 2011. After popularity grew locally a dedicated studio was built. However, just moments before Haze was going live from the studio, a valued member of the team died suddenly. It was hard for the other two members of the team to carry on initially. Now three years on Haze has been relaunched as a not for profit internet radio station dedicated primarily to drum and bass!

Now in 2015, Monster Dub and his fiancé maintain the website, line up, schedule, Facebook and Twitter pages and all areas from recruiting to managing and organising events.

Amongst all this the Haze famo, which is now growing with artists from around the country, raises money every year for a few charitable causes. You can find out more about the favoured cause the Nikita JadeDisabilityFund